5 Running Backpacks Perfect for Women

There are a lot of backpacks on the market but not all of them are made with the woman runner in mind.

Some backpacks are great for the trail or heavy hiking, but for the runner they just don’t make the grade. Try using a regular backpack and it can throw your stride off and make the difference between winning and losing.

Hit the road with these options in mind and keep your eyes on the finish line instead of thinking about your gear. Here are a few.

Nike Cheyenne Vapor Running BackpackNike Cheyenne Vapor

The Nike Cheyenne Vapor is an awesome backpack designed just for runners. It’s made of breathable material which can really help keep you cool. The fit is totally customizable which is great in helping to keep you comfortable while still toting your gear.

It’s also designed to hold the pack off of your back letting the air flow around you instead of trapping sweat on your back. It comes in various colors and patterns so finding one that suits your taste shouldn’t be a problem.

The North Face Women’s Electra Backpack

This backpack is small and stylish.

Like most items from The North Face, it’s also durable but still nice enough to use every day even if you aren’t running. It is especially made for a woman so it fits well in the places it needs to but it is also big enough to carry whatever gear you may need on your run.

It has 3 smaller pockets on the outside so your essentials are at your fingertips should you need them. Keep a cell phone, wallet, or a bottle of water handy with ease.

CamelBak Blowfish 100 oz Hydration Pack

A runner can never go wrong with a Camelbak pack.

While some models are hydration packs only, many are hydration/backpack combos. The Blowfish comes in a variety of sizes to suite whatever your needs might be.

The storage pocket is expandable just in case you need to carry more gear. The design is fantastic which is expected with anything from Camelbak. Air is directed around the runner’s back to help keep her cool and the straps are completely adjustable making the fit comfortable.

CamelBak Aurora 70 oz Hydration Pack

Camelbak also makes a smaller runner’s backpack for those who want to travel light: the CamelBak Aurora.

The signature Camelbak quality is there as well as a variety of colors from black to a highly visible green. This pack sports a shorter back profile which is perfect for women with a smaller torso.

The pack was originally designed with the biker in mind but it crosses over easily to the runner.

Dakine Drafter Pack

Dakine makes a pack that while originally designed for bikers is small enough for use by any runner.

It also sports a 100-ounce hydration system that is insulated to keep your drink cool. Gear sleeves can hold just about anything you might want to take along, but the media pockets are something the running techie shouldn’t be without. These 2 pockets are padded and lined with fleece which gives extra protection to your cell phone and mp3 player.

Which Pack Should You Choose?

It really depends on what you’re using the pack for.  We recommend checking out our Running Backpack Buyer’s Guide if you’re unsure.

Good luck and fast running!