Naked Running Band Review

The Good: High quality, and unbelievably lightweight.The Bad: Slip-on, no adjustment to size.The Medal Worthy: Great build and design with no bounce during running or walking.Full Review The following … [Read More...]

Sport Utility Pack Review

The Good: Unique, in a class with only one other pack we've tested, the Orange Mud Hydra Quiver.The Bad: It's not an all around pack, and still has some room for improvement.The Medal Worthy: This pack is one of the … [Read More...]

Orange Mud HydraQuiver Vest Pack Review

The Good: An easier way to carry water bottles on a day run or hike.The Bad: Took a little time getting used to the weight distribution.The Medal Worthy: This is easily one of the most unique hydration packs on the … [Read More...]

Orange Mud Endurance Pack Review

The Good: Lots of adjustment straps (side, back, front) help create a great fit.The Bad: Front straps are a little long, and we had to tie them up to prevent "flopping." (See the update below)The Medal Worthy: Perfect … [Read More...]

Top 25 Running Documentaries

A couple months ago we published an article with the best running movies of all-time. Well, we're back at it, but this time we're looking at the best running documentaries ever made.The documentaries are ranked based … [Read More...]

Running Belt Max Review

The Good: Made of soft, comfortable Lycra material, and perfect size pockets.The Bad: Material is comfortable, but almost a little too "slinky."The Medal Worthy: Speaking specifically to size, this belt is perfectly … [Read More...]

Urban Active Sports Running Belt Review

The Good: Transparent phone storage, sweatproof (high quality) build.The Bad: Side key pockets were a little small.The Medal Worthy: Perfect for runners or walkers that may need to steal a quick glance at their phone … [Read More...]