Running Belt Max Review

The Good: Made of soft, comfortable Lycra material, and perfect size pockets.The Bad: Material is comfortable, but almost a little too "slinky."The Medal Worthy: Speaking specifically to size, this belt is perfectly … [Read More...]

Urban Active Sports Running Belt Review

The Good: Transparent phone storage, sweatproof (high quality) build.The Bad: Side key pockets were a little small.The Medal Worthy: Perfect for runners or walkers that may need to steal a quick glance at their phone … [Read More...]

25 Best Running Movies of All-time

Just last weekend I was going through a drawer of old movies. I happened to pull out a VHS tape of Saint Ralph. Two hours later I had watched the movie for about the tenth time, and guess what? It was still amazing.So, I … [Read More...]

GioSport Running Belt Review

The Good: Simple, high quality, lightweightThe Bad: Wish the price was just a few dollars lower (but see the coupon code below!)The Medal Worthy: Compact running belt that could also easily be used as a fanny pack for … [Read More...]

two Ogres Running Hydration Belt Review

The Good: Lightweight, compact, minimal bounce.The Bad: Straps were a little too long, and not able to tuck back into the belt.The Medal Worthy: At its price point the two Ogres belt is a solid choice, but still needs … [Read More...]

RoguePak: The Recyclable Hydration System

The Good: No cleaning required, quick filling, quality bite valve and quick connect valve.The Bad: Have to dispose and replace (see more below on why this could also be a plus).The Medal Worthy: Possibly the perfect … [Read More...]